Getting the ball rolling again

After a fairly long hiatus, I'm returning back to my goal of remastering Elephant Parade's original four tracks -- Whatchu Call Me?, Trick Or Trap, Hitotsu, and  The Procession. Once the remasters are up to standard, we will make a submission to an aggregator (most likely CD Baby) to have our EP for sale in digital and brick-and-mortar retailers.

It would be awesome to get some remixes of our tracks to add to the EP, but with my job being so busy lately, it's difficult to reach out to anyone with the skillset and desire to come up with a remix. Maybe we will create remixes of these four originals to include on our second EP.

On a side note, I recently did some mixing and mastering work for a friend's band called Roman Watchdogs. Solid material. Check them out if you get a chance.

Trying to get momentum behind a project like this with just two people is not easy. But I can't lose the dream that this project will some day prove to be lucrative. It's going to require work, it's going to require new knowledge, and no one is going to hold our hands, but the feeling of success is a reward that makes the challenge well worth it.

- O